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New Age Cyber Crimes and How to Prevent them

A Guide to Securing yourself from Modern Digital Threats

Cyber Crimes have been an ever present threat in the online world. But as our technology has grown exponentially, these threats have changed from what used to be laughably funny “Nigerian Princes” in the spam folder, to these very complex, highly advanced array of cyber crimes that target individuals and companies alike.

Google My Business Listing Scam

Google my business helps entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses online just by updating business profile with contact details.

UPI Fraud

On their own BHIM, GooglePay, PhonePe etc. provide a very convenient and fast method to transfer money. But some inventive scammers have found various ways to misuse this convenience and attempt fraud.

OLX Fraud

Classified ads are an environment full of many different scammers. These scammers exist as both buyers and sellers. Going to various lengths, to hide their true identity. So that they can fool and scam unsuspecting victims.

Tinder Fraud

Almost all dating apps aim to provide a convenient, hassle free environment for you to find that perfect partner. But in reality, Tinder and most dating apps only seem to be able to find a lot of scammers as well as frauds.

Income Tax Fraud

Once taxpayers are done filing their IT Returns, after a few days or so, they receive an email/SMS saying that they are entitled to some amount of money as a refund. The name and the images resemble the Income Tax department.

OTP Fraud

If you are a frequent consumer of Online Purchases, then you might be familiar with the term OTP. It is an added factor of authentication and is enabled by a Bank for verifying and validating whether the transaction is initiated by the user or not.

Cyber Bullying

To keep people safe from these threats is important. But first, we need to know how technology has enhanced the classic bully. Cyber Bullying is a form of harassment over Cyberworld. Cyber bullying is done by the means of electronic devices.