miniOrange Mediator

We have seen an absolutely mind boggling amount of scams occur on these sites across the past few months. Targeting both sellers and buyers. We have losses ranging anywhere from 4 Lakh Rupees to a few thousand rupees. 


And the response from OLX, the banks and the local authorities has been completely inept(tk) in most cases. Out of all the cases we have seen less than 1% were able to get their money back. The only way that we see these types of scams being stopped is by taking the protective measures into our own hands.


To stop these scams from happening again and again, and to protect the normal people that are affected by them we have created the miniOrange Mediator.

How the miniOrange Mediator Protects both the Buyer and Seller

miniOrange mediator Diagram








Here we act as a middle man between the seller and the buyer. Verifying the authenticity of both, and in cases where frauds may occur protecting the money from being sent to the malicious party.


The entire process goes as follows:

Step 1

Both parties register on the Mediator App/Website; The seller and buyer are now connected through our app.

Step 2

The buyer then sends the money at the price agreed upon by the seller for the item, this money then stays with minOrange, until the entire process is complete.

Step 3

After it’s verified that the buyer has sent the money, the seller releases the item/ sends it for shipping.


Step 4

After the buyer receives the item and verifies that it is working as intended/ is not damaged, the buyer updates the status in his miniOrange account dashboard.

Step 5

Once the buyer gives the confirmation and verifies that the delivery is complete, the money is sent to the seller.

What the miniOrange Mediator Protects it’s Users Against

Scams Targeting Sellers

We have seen a host of scams that target those trying to sell on OLX/Quikr. These scams range from fake QR codes to deceptive buyers.


To protect sellers from these types of scams, we try to ensure that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to scams that target sellers. To protect you from being scammed and losing money.


We verify that the buyers are legitimate and that your money is stored safely before it is sent to you.


You can read more about these types of scams here.


Scams Targeting Buyers

We have seen even more scams targeting buyers on sites like OLX. From people pretending to be from the army, to sellers straight up not delivering the products.


We try our best to vet sellers and ensure that they are trustable. Our entire team remains hard at work to detect newer and previously unknown scams to keep you, the Buyer, safe.


You can read more about these scams here.