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Olx Fraud

Classified ads are one of the prominent sources for different kind of scammers to find potential victims. Scammers exist as both buyers and sellers on such platform.They can go to various lengths, to hide their true identity. So that they can fool unsuspecting victims.

You need to be aware of both of these variations of fraudsters.

1. Scammers acting as Sellers

Scammers sign up as sellers on OLX and other classified ads sites. They gain trust by reusing content of actual sellers, only changing the listed price, to ridiculously low levels.

They aim to lure potential victims with these prices.They also have a tendency of sharing fake receipts of courier companies, indicating that the  product has been shipped. 

Once a victim is found, the scammers trick the victim into disclosing private information. Or in most cases, the scammers, asks for a pre-payment to be made. Finding multitudes of excuses to not show you the item/property/vehicle you want to buy.

These ads can be anything such as used cars, bikes etc. It may include pictures and other details – often copied from a genuine buyers.

Warning Signs:

1.1. Ads promoting products or services at very low price.
1.2. Seller claims to be unavailable and requests for the payment through UPI or will request you to accept the request for payment through UPI link.
1.3. Seller will request you to deposit some amount to see the vehicle which will be refunded.
1.4. Avoid giving your documents if requested.
1.5. Do an internet search for the same product or services with exact words.
1.6. For expensive good, pay the seller after you have inspected the goods in person.

These advertisements stay for at least 24 hours on website. It gets blocked by OLX once they are notified about the fake post.

2. Scammers acting as Buyers

In such cases the scammers target sellers, here they either send a check that can’t be cashed, or in many cases, promise to send a large part of the payment amount, after the item is delivered.

As you can imagine, once the item is delivered, the scammer can no longer be contacted by any means.

Protecting Yourself from these Scammers

1. Many fraudsters impersonate an official authority such as army personnel. They do this to lend credibility to their scams.
2. While posing as buyers, their items are very very under priced, more than any other on the market.
3. While posing as sellers, the fraudsters accept any price that you set on them. Without haggling in most cases.
4. They persist on buying/selling the item without checking it in person. Because they want to hide their tricks.

Miscellaneous Tips To Secure Yourself

1. Always refer business profiles on official website.
2. Do not entertain calls with high offers requesting online payment.

Companies never asks for the below on call

1. Credit / Debit card details.
2. OTP (One Time Password).
3. Bank Account Details.
4. Net banking Credentials.
5. UPI Id / PIN.

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