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New Age Cyber Crimes and How to Prevent them

A Guide to Securing yourself from Modern Digital Threats

Cyber Crimes have been an ever present threat in the online world. But as our technology has grown exponentially, these threats have changed from what used to be laughably funny “Nigerian Princes” in the spam folder, to complex, highly advanced array of cyber crimes that target individuals and companies alike.

UPI Fraud

Because of the substantial Usage and Popularity, scammers have started to exploit UPI Payment Portals. There are many ways by which a UPI fraud is performed , from basic method like Phishing to technically advanced techniques. Not only a person with limited smartphone usage knowledge but also extensive and informed users too are falling prey to the UPI Fraud.

OLX Fraud

Scammers (acting as Seller) ask for an advanced Payment from Victims after gaining his trust through extensive engagement. Some scams also include Scammer (acting as Buyer) calling the victim with an intention to buy the posted product and eventually perform Social Engineering on the victim.

Tinder Fraud

Tinder is full of Bots which at first seem like a normal person. Upon having a Conversation A Bot sends malicious link to the victim saying it’s secure platform to talk than Tinder. Victim is susceptible to Bots’ Artificial messages and Replies. Romance Confidence fraudsters are also active on Tinder.

Income Tax Fraud

Once taxpayers are done filing their IT Returns, after a few days or so, they receive an email/SMS saying that they are entitled to some amount of money as a refund. The name and the images resemble the Income Tax department.

OTP Fraud

Scammers calls victim impersonating a bank official and asks for payment credentials through Social engineering, upon getting the details, Scammers initiate a money transfer or online purchase then ask victim to Provide OTP they received to validate it.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is a form of harassment over Cyber world. Social media is full of Online trolls, Stalkers who can harass the Victims mentally or threatens them, eventually affecting the emotional health of the Person. This creates a sense of fear and insecurity in the mind of Victims.

Fraud Discussion Board

OLX Fraud

“I went to search for an old Apache 160 bike on OLX site. A man named Sahil Kumar called me and said that he is an army person. He sent a photo id of an army person.”

UPI Fraud

“I had received a call from a BSNL customer service. The person told me to forward a message to another number. And sent me a form to fill. Next thing I know I lost 5000 Rupees.”

Tinder Scams

“A person impersonating a woman is abusing Tinder to seduce men to click on the following web site [Link Removed]. I think this is a malicious website used to steal information.”


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OLX Logo

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Corona Virus Phishing

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