Selling Sofa on OLX got scammed for 22000 Rupees

  • anonymous
    # 2 months ago

    Today’s we gave ad of sofa in 10,000 suddenly after posting ad we got a call from person that he is intrested in sofa and he is ready to purchase the sofa and even he is not intrested to seen it suddenly we are happy that it is so early after then he ask for google pay so we say ok its done and he suddenly message on whats app that I send yo 4999 rupes please scan it on google pay and we scan it after then when google pay ask for upi he say just wait and please enter it because i have 15 min after then my card will be block then enter your upi pin for seconds we are confused that what we have to do? so he manupulates alot that please enter the UPI no so we thougt it happens but when we enters upi 4999 is debited from the account and he just make it fool that just wait I will send you back wait wait. so we thought to wait it but he say enter you upi you got it an again he takes 4999 rupess from account and he makes a thing that if you send money to me I will give you back .And he takes 12000 rupees from the account and he is properly reciving the call but do this same thing again and again there no is 9678099820

    # 2 months ago

    First of all, Thank you for reaching out to us.

    It would be of great help if you could go into more detail about how you came in contact with the scammer, how you realized that you were being tricked. Also if you could send any other information that the scammer may have sent you (such as any identifiable information, chats, mobile numbers etc).

    That would be greatly appreciated.

    Your best course of action here would be to contact OLX directly, through this email, Explaining your case in its entirety.

    Thanks again, for providing the information. If you have any other questions, We would be happy to answer them.

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