Scammed while buying car on OLX

  • anonymous
    # 2 months ago

    So he gives me a car. He said I sent him my mobile number. After talking, he said I am an army man. You deposit money. Delivery boy will bring you a car. 1st payment for delivery charge 1050 Half payment mnun 7025 aani 3 6975 I transferred this money from google pay

    # 2 months ago

    Hi, most likely that wasn’t a real army officer. These scammers have a collection stolen Aadhar cards and PAN cards that belong to actual army officers.

    They also have official looking papers of actual cars and bikes, so that also can’t be used as a guarantee the it’s a real person
    He will probably try to call you again and threaten you. Don’t believe him.

    There’s a chance they will tell you that they will send the Access through an army transport. And send you a receipt for that as well. This is also going to be fake.

    You can read more about this here

    I would recommend registering a complaint with the cyber crime cell through .

    Or contacting OLX through

    If you want anymore help you can contact us through

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