Scammed when I was selling a guitar on OLX

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    # 2 months ago

    I posted ad of a Guitar a user told me that he is interested and want to buy for his friend and he will pay in advance. I accepted it then he said he is in army and will ask his major for payment then he called me and said to talk with his major.Then,he said jai hind and asked me that have you ever got payment by Indian army I said no then he sent me a QR code of 5Rs and said to send money and it will refund to your account and money refunded next time he requested amount of 1300Rs and said to pay you will get refund and I did the same but this time He scammed me and blocked me .I reported at cyber crime but they told me why you come in contact with them and beware of them instead of solving my case they disconnected the call.

    # 2 months ago


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    These people are fraudsters and certainly not from the Army.

    Please do not make any advance payment in future if you do not know or trust the persons requesting it.

    Could you please share the documents the scammer has shared with you if any?

    Note that we do not need to enter our PIN when receiving the money via UPI, it is needed only when sending.

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