OLX scam by scammer pretending to be Army Officer

  • anonymous
    # 2 months ago

    The person posed as army officer and requested Paytm account to transfer money. Instead of crediting 9000 he debited 9000 from the account. Through QR code.

    # 2 months ago

    Hi, most likely that wasn’t a real army officer. These scammers have a collection stolen Aadhar cards and PAN cards that belong to actual army officers.

    He will probably try to call you again and threaten you. Don’t believe him.

    He sent you a QR code that when scammed debits money from your account. So for the future remember that to receive money you never need to to enter your UPI pin.

    You can read more about this here https://cyberforensics.miniorange.com/olx-fraud/.

    I would recommend registering a complaint with the cyber crime cell through https://www.cybercrime.gov.in/Webform/crmcondi.aspx .

    Or contacting OLX through safety@olx.in.

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