I got a call from BSNL customer service, and they scammed me

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    I had received a call from a BSNL customer, i thought it is genuine as I was having problem regarding my BSNL and I have reported to BSNL. Then he told me one message will come where you will find a link to fill a form, after page opened he asked me how do you use google pay to pay bill, I said yes. Than i filed some information my name, mail Id, mobile no, and payment mode google pay and upi pin.

    Suddenly I came to know that upi pin is confidential but I was late as I have already mentioned my UPI pin in form. Then I refuse him that I will not submit this form and disconnect my call and tries to change my UPI pin but I was a little bit late and he has done transaction of 5000, than suddenly I send a message to block my card and internet banking. I was aware about the fraud of ATM pin, cvv but UPI fraud is new so I couldn’t understand initially and lost 5000. But I saved myself from a loss of big amount

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    I have a few questions first to get more information on what exactly happened to you.

    • When you filled the form are you sure you didn’t click submit ?
    • Did anyone call you, trying to tell you to forward an SMS to another number or did you receive a message instructing you to do the same thing ?

    The good thing is that you followed the absolute textbook procedure by freezing your account. As in such cases after the first transaction, the scammer starts transferring very large amounts of money.

    # 2 months ago


    Yes he callled me from 9641908236 as a bsnl customer care and asked me to forward a message to 922301112, then I got a link which headed me to online form, I have submitted the form, one detail was wrong in that form so he asked me to submit again then I refused him as I was come to know that he is a fraud and told him not to submit it, i think he got the correct pin in first time only. Then i disconnect the form and try to block my account and change my pin, but I was a little late and in next minute he has done a transaction of 5000. Yes it was my fault, I was aware about the online fraud like atm fraud, credit card fraud, paytm fraud, but UPI fraud I has never listen.

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